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Item Recommended

MK provides the most popular builds for all the champion at different position, also can directly input the build in game.

Match history

Check Champion's abilities upgraded for both team, kill/assist/death/minions.


It can record the match video for players to watch after game.


Free experience of champion skin performance.

Jungle Timer

Jungle Timer, Record moster respawn time and able to set team alert.

Quick msg

Custom message, briefly alert your team member for any change of the combat, click mouse, send message.

Deck Builder

MKHS can build multiple methods of games. Support for uploading, sharing and re-edited.

Deck Guides

With MKHS you can access other users sharin, the latest decks and play instructions.

Note Cards

During the game, in real time, to master your deck remaining cards.

Import Decks

MKHS can quickly be imported into the game decks.