Download LOL Addon

Version: (2014-4-23)Size:.7.42MB
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MD5: 4951B91DFBE9B9FC49FC50B2F9B36228

What can MKJOGO do for League of Legends?

Free Local Champion Skin

Free experience of champion skin performance.

Jungle Timer

Jungle Timer, Record moster respawn time and able to set team alert.

Quick msg

Custom message, briefly alert your team member for any change of the combat, click mouse, send message.

Search and check combat record

Save combat record anytime.

Check Champion's abilities upgraded for both team, kill/assist/death/minions and monster kill/summoner spell/champion skin and other information.
Check talent and runes used by both team.
Check Champions' building sequences.
Check game mode, map type and other information.


Download HS Addon

Version: (2014-4-13)Size:23.8MB

MD5: 36710EE972A4296FD5EEECC9DD0FC913

What can MKJOGO do for Hearthstone?

Deck Builder

MKHS can build multiple methods of games. Support for uploading, sharing and re-edited.

Deck Guides

With MKHS you can access other users sharin, the latest decks and play instructions.

Note Cards

During the game, in real time, to master your deck remaining cards.

View News

View the latest Hearthstone News.

Import Decks

MKHS can quickly be imported into the game decks.